Constantly. Inconstant.

Breathe. Exist. Die.

Careless wanderers of Earth.


ar de abreu



That little bit of H O P E 

Intoxicated on ideas and ambition. 
Waiting for an epiphany where all that I thought matters, starts to. 
I realised that it never will, as everything is really nothing. 
And nothing really matters. 
Hope – the bane of my existence, Pandora should have left that in the box. 
That little bit we cling to, that little bit we value, that little bit that could change the forsaken and the world, that little bit of Hope… 
It rejuvenates the meekness of an ever dull life, it promises of more and it slowly begins to deteriorate when all else is lost it is all that we have left. 
ar de abreu 
14 October 2017