Constantly. Inconstant.

Breathe. Exist. Die.

Careless wanderers of Earth.


ar de abreu




Kissed by the African sun

As it plays with the pigment of my skin and leaves me wanting

For the lingering feeling of an almost passed sunburn.

I become friends with the rays and hope that they bring water.

To decorate the African plains.


Breathing life into a new day, which with it, brings new hope.

Hibernating the existentialist,

At least for a minuscule moment.

That is all it is… A moment.


Slightly forgotten with the birth of new momentous decisions.

Waiting for the starts to align in favour of the Sagittarians.

Another rotation of the earth

Another moment, under the African sun –





ar de abreu


That little bit of H O P E 

Intoxicated on ideas and ambition. 
Waiting for an epiphany where all that I thought matters, starts to. 
I realised that it never will, as everything is really nothing. 
And nothing really matters. 
Hope – the bane of my existence, Pandora should have left that in the box. 
That little bit we cling to, that little bit we value, that little bit that could change the forsaken and the world, that little bit of Hope… 
It rejuvenates the meekness of an ever dull life, it promises of more and it slowly begins to deteriorate when all else is lost it is all that we have left. 
ar de abreu 
14 October 2017 


Cape Town, South Africa

A place that has encapsulated my soul and heart. I long for one more day along the shoreline; where I can feel the wind aimlessly, yet purposefully, carrying the scent of oceans. I can see the top of a mountain, roaring over place we call The Mothercity. I wish I were trapped in a moment where this could forever be a reality.


Memories, captured in the lenses of cameras and souls.


Aimlessly drifting above all that is wrong. 

Pouring down to try and save the souls, cleansing, renewing and creating. 

Warning the kind of approaching danger where alarms are ignored and civilisations ruined. 

Formations of awe inducing beauty, gathered in imaginative, picturesque scenes of wonder. 

Stars lie beyond them, and proof that there could be more lurks in them. 

Above them travellers stare, wandering to places of opportunity or the hopes thereof. 

Aimlessly drifting, 


A R – 28/06/2017

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