Aimlessly drifting above all that is wrong. 

Pouring down to try and save the souls, cleansing, renewing and creating. 

Warning the kind of approaching danger where alarms are ignored and civilisations ruined. 

Formations of awe inducing beauty, gathered in imaginative, picturesque scenes of wonder. 

Stars lie beyond them, and proof that there could be more lurks in them. 

Above them travellers stare, wandering to places of opportunity or the hopes thereof. 

Aimlessly drifting, 


A R – 28/06/2017

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another day, another sunrise,

living in a world where the only constant is change.

pretentious nods as no one notices you,

wandering into the abyss of another day,

Wasting away.

craving for an epiphany,

a seamless, silent transition into a something.

a being