Constantly. Inconstant.

Breathe. Exist. Die.

Careless wanderers of Earth.


ar de abreu





With one carefully calculated decision she had the world in the palm of her hand and no one to share it with.

She lay sunbathing, back from yet another shopping spree, tired from the endless search for the perfect gown for one more highly pretentious evening. Her husband was the billionaire who often divulged in expensive, tasteless gatherings with people whose existence she struggled to acknowledge. In reality he just turns their 5.2 billion dollar estate into a coke induced brothel. She struggles to remember when it all started; all she knows now is that she is stuck, in the middle of this big mess. Little did she know that shit was about to get a lot worse…

She rarely enjoyed evenings like this, but boy did she like getting ready for them. She always complained to Chris about hosting evenings like this, but she never complained about the limitless credit card she got to use at her disposal before such an event. The décor, the dress, Chris’s suite, the jewellery, the food and the music – all of that was her forte. The rest was up to Chris and his partners (how and why they got these things done was none of her business). “Honey, have you ordered the flowers we asked for?” she heard Chris call from the pool’s clubhouse as she turned on her back, exposing her $75 000 augmented, full C cup, breasts. “Yes,” she said with disdain in her voice, Chris didn’t seem to notice (he never does). “Thank you lovey, you look great by the way.” Chris loved the sight of his wife, glistening in the sun. She sighed, got up and noticed Kyle quickly finding another place to focus his eyes. A bit too obvious she thought and took the opportunity to speak with him about the rose bush he forgot to trim. She got up, slowly, kind of sensually. Kyle thought it was even a little seductive, but what did his 18 year old ass know? He’s only seen two pussies in his whole life, well three if you count his mother’s. “Kyle,” she said with her left breast touching his muscular right arm, “Honey, please do trim the rose bush today. We have guests coming by tonight.” Kyle panted and swallowed heavily whilst she noticed his manhood slowly erecting, not bad for an 18 year old she thought. “Yes mam, I’m on it mam,” he replied doing his best to keep eye contact. “Thank you Kyle dear,” and as she walked away: “Please, call me Yana.” She walked away knowing that his eyes were still on her back side, she did have a great back side, her personal trainer also tells her that. Well, what do you expect if you work out 3 hours every day? Well, 2 hours at least, the last hour is usually more like a cardio session.

“Yana!” she heard Sandy’s voice coming from the living room. “I’ll be down in five,” she yelled back; out of breath from running on the treadmill for 45 minutes. She finished up her jog, wiped away the sweat from her temples and took a gulp of water. She checked herself out in the floor to ceiling mirror, pouted a little and made her way out of the fully equipped home gym. On the second step which opened up into the large foyer she spotted Sandy with a delivery man at the door, they were chit chatting. “Thank you Sandy, I’ll take it from here,” Yana said as she waved Sandy away after taking the last step. “Delivery for Yana,” the dark haired man said struggling to keep eye contact. Yana was used to this by now. She placed her water bottle on the table in the foyer and eagerly signed the paper the man held out on the clipboard. “Thank you,” Yana held out her hands for the package. This must be the diamonds for the table dressing tonight. She told Havier (she read his name tag)  to wait and slowly opened the box just out of his view, to ensure that everything she ordered was in the box. One hundred of the finest diamonds the size of peas lay glistening in the box each in an individual little holder. “Perfect,” she said as she closed the door behind Havier. Now, the fun and games can begin as she was ready to prepare for a long night…